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Wine Tourism

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Quinta do Carmo

Join us at the Quinta do Carmo and discover the winemaking and production centre of all the Alentejo wines produced by the Bacalhôa Group.

Here, one has the opportunity to discover the winery that has recently undergone substantial renovation, both in technological terms and in wine producing techniques.

Starting from the outside and progressing to the inside, one can first enjoy the gardens and the vineyards, and then pass through the cask cellars where top quality wines are ageing.

The tour finishes with a wine tasting with our special wines from Quinta do Carmo. Our Quinta do Carmo wines represents the true terroir of Alentejo wines.

Opening hours (pre-booked):
Monday to thursday (from 9:00 to 17:00); Friday (from 9:00 to 12:00)
Minimum: 6 people; Maximum: 50 people
Duration of guided tour with wine tasting: 30 minutes
Cost: €5,00
For visitors with no prior booking, tours will take place in accordance with staff availability.
Languages: Portuguese and English.


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