Serras de Azeitão – New Image

Bacalhôa Wines of Portugal has launched the new vintage of the Serras de Azeitão White, Red and Rosé wine with a new image - with an innovative concept, transmitting sophistication and modernity allied with the quality of the wine.

This new image aims at presenting the front label as a work of contemporary art, using a strong artistic language. This broadens the sensorial perception - something you can touch as well as see.

Following the philosophy of the company, this label includes Braille writing where design and function fit harmoniously. This way, the company makes their products accessible to all and proves that it is possible to break down barriers of communication in society.

This change in the image aims at reinforcing the symbolism of this traditional wines, from the Azeitão wine region in the heart of the Peninsula de Setúbal. The Serras de Azeitão wines are very appealing for daily consumption and great to drink when they're still young wines.

The Serras de Azeitão White presents floral and citric notes, making it a great wine to accompany fish dishes and even light meat dishes. Try it also with the Azeitão cheese - a great combination!

With a strawberry red colour, the Serras de Azeitão Rosé presents red fruit aromas combined with wild flowers. In the mouth, the red fruit sensation is intense, making it a wine with a full-bodied finish, mineral and fresh.
For elaborate fish and meat dishes, Serras de Azeitão Red has a deep red colour, with aromas of red and black fruits combined with wild flowers and an intense taste.